Free Love Tarot Reading

free love tarot reading

Have you ever taken part in a tarot card reading before? Many people are amazed at how accurate the cards can be in assessing their current or future lives. In this article, we’re going to explore a free love tarot card reading. Through the energies offered by a tarot deck, we can grasp insights into various aspects of your life.  Some people look into their fortunes, others look into their health but in today’s example, we are going to look at love. All you need is a quiet space where you can close your eyes and focus on a number.

Beginning the Reading

Before we begin, take a few deep breaths and allow your energies to center. Relax and simply allow your mind to become empty. Now begin to picture yourself sitting at a circular table. There is nobody on the other side but sitting on the table are 5 cards, all facing down. The backs of the cards are red. Do they have a pattern on the back?

Allow your mind to notice all the details of the cards: their thickness, how old they are, whether they carry that familiar card smell.
Assign each card a number. Starting with the furthest card to the left, this is card number 1, the one to the right of it is card number 2, then 3, then 4 and finally the card on the far right is number 5.

Picture yourself holding your hand over each of these cards. Go back and forth as many times as you need to but feel for the card that connects to you the most. It should feel like static electricity or perhaps as if your muscles are tensing up when your hand is over it. Whichever number of card you pick, find it down below.

Card Number 1: Two of Cups

If you picked card number 1 in this free love tarot reading then you’ve selected the Two of Cups. So what does this card represent? The image of this card usually depicts a couple facing each other, holding a cup in front of each other. Ancient wedding traditions used to involve a ceremony similar to this whereby each partner would drink from the other’s cup.

Getting the Two of Cups suggests that you’re either developing a strong bond with a partner or are about to. So if you’ve been feeling particularly close to someone recently then it is important that you do not allow that relationship to fade.

Card Number 2: Emperor

If you’ve drawn the Emperor card during this free love tarot reading then you might be a little confused. You’re perhaps wondering how the presence of this dominant male figure could be connected to your love life. Well, this figure on the card symbolizes a long term commitment. At first, it may not seem like the sort of card you would find in a free love psychic reading but as we explore it deeper, we see the reason why.

Beyond its representation of a long-term commitment or partner, this card highlights the stability of this relationship. It suggests that your relationship will survive the test of time and will be just as strong, if not stronger, as the years go by. However, it’s important to remember that this card isn’t solely related to romantic love. It could also be highlighting a deep friendship or a close family member.


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Card Number 3: Knight of Cups

If you’ve drawn the Knight of Cups during this free love tarot reading then you’ve got a pleasant surprise coming your way. Have you found yourself feeling trapped? Perhaps you work hard but can’t get promoted or study long hours but still struggle to pass exams. Well, the appearance of the Knight of Cups suggests that you’re about to receive a knight in shining armor!
It’s important to remember that the gender of these cards doesn’t have to apply to your situation.

For example, this card can represent a female figure just as often as a male and so don’t worry if your feel like the Knight of Cups doesn’t apply to you. You may already be in the process of being rescued from your own life by a new romantic interest. Try another free tarot love reading in a week or two and see if your situation has changed.

Card Number 4: Ace of Cups

If this free love tarot reading has revealed the Ace of Cups to you then I have good news! Something new and exciting is heading your way and bright energy that surrounds this person suggests that they have the potential to form a new romantic relationship.

This will be unlike any relationship you’ve experienced in the past and you may even find yourself asking whether or not they are “the one?” You’ll have the desire to spend every waking second with this person and there’s no telling how far this relationship could go.

Card Number 5: Ten of Pentacles

The final card in this free love tarot reading is the Ten of Pentacles. This might not be a card that you typically associate with love but that’s because it’s a hidden love. Not hidden in the sense that it is forbidden or secret but rather that it’s forgotten. This card relates more to those of you already within a relationship, perhaps even married and with children.

If this is the case, you should view this card as a reminder that love is still strong in your relationship but you might have to try a little harder to reignite it. For those of you not married or even in a relationship, this tarot reading love card suggests that your partner is already in your life.

They may appear as a friend or a colleague but you’ve already met them and they are already attracted to you, they just don’t know how to make the first move. 

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