The Greek cross spread tarot reading method

The Greek cross spread tarot

The method described below only uses the 22 major arcana of the tarot.
Once you have shuffled the card, cut the deck with your left hand and draw a random card while pondering the following question in your mind, “should I perform a reading now?” Flip the Acarnum over. If you have a good first impression, keep going. If not, you should do it later.
If you had a positive response, put the card back into the tarot deck, take it into your right hand and focus on a number between 1 and 22 in your mind.
Take the card counting up to that number (and not the Arcanum that bears that number) and place it on your left without looking at it. It represents the querent, which means you.
Proceed in the same way for a second card and place it on the right of the first one. It represents your current environment.
Do it once again with a third card and place it above, in the middle of the horizontal line formed by the first two arcana of the tarot. It symbolizes the path that must be followed, or the evolution of your current situation.
Finally, draw a fourth tarot card and place it below, in the middle of the horizontal line formed by the first two arcana. It indicated the outcome of this situation.
Now turn up the cards… Then you can perform your interpretation according to the meaning of each Arcanum.
You have just performed a tarot reading using a Greek cross spread!

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