Interpretation of the symbols found in coffee grounds

interpretation of the symbols found in coffee grounds

The following indications are mainly about the interpretation of the so-called "Turkish" method, which is still the most widespread nowadays. They can nonetheless also be used for the Greek coffee grounds reading technique.

How should you interpret tasseography symbols?

First, during a reading using coffee grounds, you should not expect very sharp images. What you will see inside your cup are mostly outlines, irregular shapes, allegories and symbols that look like real objects, but that need to be completed and interpreted using your sensitivity.

During the interpretation of the symbols, concentration and silence are mandatory. You need to clear your mind to allow your intuition to express itself.

There can be no true and rich interpretation without a quiet mind with a free-roaming intuition. To do so, simply clear your mind, quiet your thoughts and be extremely patient.

During a tasseography session, you have to know some coded signs that can often be found during the reading and the interpretation of the coffee grounds.

But you must also listen to your intuition when it manifests and whispers one concept in your ear rather than another.

Just as important: to fully harness the potential of a coffee-based reading, it is better to analyze all the symbols as a whole. You mostly need to pay attention to their position on the cup and to the way they are displayed together.


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Directions for reading with coffee grounds
To get the best results out of a reading of the future using coffee grounds, place the cup in front of you, with the handle pointed down. The various parts of the cup have different meanings.

Here are the main 3 areas for tasseography interpretation:

  • the edges of the cup are tied to the present time. Additionally, the closer the figures will be to the handle, the more these events will affect your household because the handle represents you.
  • the bottom of the cup is related to love and your personal relationships.
  • the sides of the cup (everything between the edges and the bottom of the cup) are related to the future.

Sometimes, during a tasseography session, you need to read between the lines in order to decipher the signs.
For instance: you can notice a broom within the coffee grounds.

But when you look more closely are other signs associated with the broom, you can deduce that this shape was not necessarily a suggestion to clean up your house, but rather the sign of a kind of renewal that will sweep away some old habits from your life.

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