What is a fortune teller?

What is a fortune teller

Heavily rooted in hearth wisdom, fortune telling is the practice of divination commonly associated with Romani people. Fortune telling comes in many different shapes, from tarot cards to runes or palm reading.

Fortune telling, a popular divinatory art

Fortune telling is a divinatory art that can predict the future using many different esoteric tools like:
lines in the palms of your hand

Usually, a fortune teller bases their predictions on a reading of the palms. This is the reason why they are often mistaken for a chiromancer.

Difference between a fortune teller and a psychic reader

Renowned for their psychic abilities, fortune tellers used to ply their trade in their caravan during a fair. If you can find fortune tellers online these days, some of them still approach people directly in the streets in order to predict their future
As such, the predictions of a fortune teller only focus on the future. Conversely, a psychic reader can have visions that are relevant to the past, present or future, perform magic rituals, or even speak with spirits from beyond.

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