Meaning of the number 9

meaning number 9

When you learn to count, you learn a whole language. As mathematics teaches us, numbers are symbols that are extremely rational and accurate but they also have a more mysterious side. This mysterious aspect can be explored thanks to numerology. Lift the veil on the number 9.

Number 9, the end of a cycle, the beginning of another   

The number Nine marks the end of the cycle of the units before the cycle of the tens starts. It announces the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one.
It is both an end and a beginning on the higher plane. This renewal corresponds to the end of a way of behaving and the beginning of a rebirth.

Nine is a divine number

The number 9 is a quasi-alchemical transmutation undergone by those who are on an initiatory quest. Existential questions are food for thought:

“Where do I come from? Who am I? Where am I going?”

Man has reached a milestone that helps him develop the deepest levels of his soul. The number 9 is linked to divinity since it is a divine, universal number.

Nine is also ambivalent. Each world is symbolized by a triangle: Heaven, Earth, Darkness. The entire set of these three worlds is represented by Nine.

Always seeing the number 9

Nine is a number of great importance when you see it in a dream or a vision. Its message says that a material or spiritual period is coming to an end and that another one is beginning.

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